A Roman Tale

Founded by Diletta Amodei, Amotea finds its roots in Rome in 2019 with the aim of creating a curated wardrobe where Italy’s sartorial expertise meets sophisticated design. Diletta's greatest inspiration comes from Italy, its culture charged with centuries-old history and beauty. The brand's soul is imbued with a romanticism that takes the form of flowing silhouettes and celebrates ethereal beauty. Amotea’s designs are feminine and sophisticated wardrobe staples, created for a contemporary woman who is appreciative of the emotions exuded by a garment, or fabric beyond trends, who dare with evening dresses to be worn in resort occasions and are an expression of a feminine aura that makes these garments unique. What makes Diletta prouder is, however, the brand’s mission to combine modern design with specialized and conscious craftsmanship, with a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship excellence as a true luxury, the use of handmade fabrics and raw materials, experimentation with fine yarns, and artistic collaborations with well-known illustrators such as Carlotta Varrenti of Eau de Papier and Anna Degnbol.